“I am an actor not a mentor, don’t look up to me” – Actress Moyo Lawal

Moyo Lawal
Moyo Lawal

Self acclaimed Nollywood ‘bad girl’ Moyo Lawal has made it clear to her judgemental fans and followers that as much as she loves and respects them, she is not their educator or mentor.

The actress who is seen more as a sex symbol due to her suggestive mode of dressing has clearly stated that she is an entertainer and not an educator, hence no one should judge her based on what they want her to be and not what she really is.

Moyo Lawal

According to Moyo Lawal, the role of mentorship should be left for teachers, parents and clerics none of which applies to her. She also addressed the issue of whether her upbringing was lacking in morals, she made it clear that she has younger ones who cover from head to toes.

“I should be able to breathe and dress the way I please without the fear of judgemental people calling me names” the actress stated maintaining that if by chance her fans gain from her roles as an entertainer, all good but if not, they should not expect her to tutor or mentor them. She stated.