Incredible! Actress Dakore Akande donates her eyes to the blind!

Dakore Akande

Nollywood actress Dakore Akande (Nee Egbusan) has left her fans and followers in a state of shock coupled with admiration after she announced that she had made a pledge for her cornea ( eyes) to go to a blind charity upon her demise!

The actress was recently unveiled as the ambassador for the Eye Bank of Nigeria, a movement which as at sensitizing the public about the need for cornea donors to help those with reversible blindness.

In a move to lead by example, the actress has pledged that her eyes would go to this charity to help give sight to another man. According to her, she would not be needing the eyes once she leaves the earth.

Isn’t this an incredible gesture? Many would hold on to every part of their body even in death!

Dakore deserves an applause!