Ronya Man Arts, SPAN presents ‘Timeless Roots’


Inspired by the history of Lagos and her passion for the Nigerian culture, Ronya Man, an Israeli creative Arts Director living in Lagos, will next Tuesday, November 21 at the Muri Okunla Park, be staging ‘Timeless Roots’, a fantastic stage show which tells the stories of the Nigerian cultural roots and history through the international language of dance, fashion and music, fusing modern with traditional elements.

Choreographed by Ice Nweke (Love is the Musical), the show, according to Ronya Man, will be staged as part of the Society for Performing Arts Festival.

Ronya Man

‘Timeless Roots’, she said, appeals to all generations as much as it awakens the youths searching for their identity and place.

“It appeals to the traditional generation who will connect to its ancestral stories, and appeals to the young ones learning these stories in school and aspiring to fulfill their dreams.  Timeless Roots also encourages collaborations between local designers, musicians, choreographers and other artists and entrepreneurs,’ she said.

Ronya Man’s vision to celebrate cultural roots as one’s identity was infused when she was playing the role of ‘The Seed Thief’ (written by Etisalat Literature Prize Nominee Jacqui L’Ange) at the Etisalat Prize Awards Night. Her other works on Nollywood and the performing arts inspired her to learn more and more about the Nigerian culture.

“Many a time we try to define culture but in the real sense, culture is what defines us,” she explains.

Ronya Man is a creative arts specialist, director, producer, acting tutor and vocal trainer from Israel, living in Lagos, Nigeria. She is the founder of Ronya Man Arts (RMA) Ltd, a Creative and Performing Arts in Lagos since 2015. Her acting workshops, productions and other works have turned her into a beacon for many young and veteran talents in Nigeria. She has directed for IrokoTV and Africa Magic, and her acting can be seen in Nollywood cinema and TV.