Veteran stars and the prevalent terminal ailment; way forward?

Sodiq Daba with Dr Joe Odumakin

Change is constant, growth is constant, death is constant but what stops our Nollywood veterans from changing healthily from youthfulness into old age and when the time comes, passing into glory with all parts of their organs functioning?

Why do our veterans have to go through the pain of terminal ailments? The shame and rigours of seeking for funds? The stress of flying to India? And in some cases, the sorrows of dying before the arms of help get to them… why?

One could pass for an incidence, two pass for a coincidence but when more than three or four of our veterans have gone through these phases; kidney failure, liver disease, cancer and other scary ailments, it calls our concern.

Why can’t our Veterans rest and enjoy the fruit of their past labours, if not in plenty wealth, but in plenty health!
We have had the sad cases of Nollywood veterans who died before help got to them, some died before the journey out of the country could be made. How saddening!

We have lost veterans, some not even as old as the word makes them, but old age was thrown at them because of terminal ailments.
If we begin to mention names, we have lost over five top veterans in this sad way…

How do we stop this trend? What is the way forward? How do we take care of our veterans without resolving to alms? How? We really shouldn’t lose anymore thespian this way! Let’s think about it…