Actress Kehinde Bankole reportedly welcomes baby in hiding…

Kehinde Bankole

Nollywood actress Kehinde Bankole has reportedly welcomes a bouncing new baby two days ago in London.

The reports gathered from the ‘Rumour Has It’ column of blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus cannot be missed as the actress is described to the minutest detail.

However, it seems the actress is not so proud of herself at the moment and as a result has decided to keep the good news to herself just the way she kept the pregnancy to herself.

This could be related to some facts also pointed out in SDK’s reports. Kehinde Bankole till present is a single lady but the reports say that her baby daddy made her a side chick without her knowing about it and this has made the actress a baby mama!

The baby father whose identity is not known is however reported to be in love with the actress but we can’t say for sure if this would lead to marriage, considering she is not the only baby mama.

All the same, a big congratulations to Kehinde, a child is a thing of joy!