Nigerians drag actress Empress Njamah for allegedly saying she finds it annoying when approached by younger men!


In the cause of the weekend, a report had gone out from Punch papers alleging that actress Empress Njamah says she hates it and finds it really annoying when younger men approach her for a relationship.

The article had been picked up by many online portals and Nigerians have reacted angrily to the alleged statements of Empress especially her age claims.

According to the article, Empress had said that some of the young men who approach her believing she is in her twenties but she is actually in her thirties!

Well, this had further fuelled the flame as Nigerians reminded her they have been seeing her in movies for over two decades…

Some went as far as telling her she does not look twenty but forty!

Others told her to quickly grab one of the younger men before it is too late and no one is interested in her anymore!

Trust Nigerians to also remind her that they knew how long she was with musician Timaya.