“Women dump me because of my small manhood” – Actor, Don Little

Don Little

Actor, Stephen Atanga popularly known as Don Little, has revealed that his small manhood has cost him a lot of relationships as women tend to leave him when they see his manhood.

The actor who at a time revealed that he nearly committed suicide after being despised by his biological parents following his stunted growth, recently made this revelation about himself.

According to the 20-year-old, who appeared as a guest on Adom TV Indian Twinovela, most of the ladies he has dated complained about the size of his manhood and it’s failure to give them the satisfaction they crave.

He said;

“Women reject me because of my manhood. They claim it is too short and does not give them the satisfaction they want,”

Though the actor claims he has slept with about five ladies who are taller than him and have big buttocks, he said the complaints have been the same.

Don Little is however confident of getting the woman of his dream who will accept him for who he is.