Check out three Nollywood actresses who seem to have ‘stainless’ profiles!


Secrets, scandals and controversies seem to be the hallmark of the entertainment industry not just in Nigeria alone but everywhere: every entertainer according to the media has something to hide!

Sometimes, we put them under the radar to find that thing they are hiding or that thing they are not to proud to show the world. Everyone has secrets but in our eyes, entertainers have scandals too!

It sounds almost strange and unbelievable to say that some actors in the Nigeria movie industry have ‘stainless’ profiles! We can’t believe it either.

In this age where ever dirty linen likes to make an appearance outside for the world to catch a glimpse, where every family issue is blown out of proportion for the world to have a say; where every Nollywood actress has been caught doing other ‘businesses’ asides trading and acting, we still find some actresses whose names have not walked these dirty parts!

Not that they are squeaky clean, not because they are as innocent as it seems, but because their secrets have remained secrets and have not become scandals!

Omotola Jalade: is a queen in Nollywood, over twenty years in the game, married with four kids, with a very busy husband, beautiful and gorgeous; she has one of the most stainless profiles in the industry. Omosexy has been able to stay off controversy so much that she can drop her opinion on matters when they arise.

In the industry, only few actresses can drop comments on some matters and that is because they fear that the chair might turn and their ‘asses’ might be shoved up in the air. Although she tries not to talk until really pushed, she is one actress who is not afraid to talk! Well, maybe she has nothing to hide. Bravo!

Doris Simeon: Her sector of the Nollywood industry has more scandal especially in the aspect of the ‘other business’. Only few actresses can brag to be clean here, but despite her fall out in marriage, Doris’s name has never been mentioned as someone’s concubine or mistress. Not before her marriage, not during and not after! If she indeed walks this path, she is a good one, so much that her secrets have not metamorphosed into scandals! Kudos!

Chioma Akpota: She is arguably the most serious actress in the industry despite her sometimes playful disposition. Don’t be fooled by her beauty, she is about the most disciplined woman with zero tolerance for nonsense. The same way she’s been able to stay married without letting us into her life is the same way her secrets will go down with her!

Everyone has secrets but these ones and many others have been able to shove all dirty linens into where they belong.