Check out these top successful Nollywood single mothers!


No it’s not Mother’s Day, but there’s no crime celebrating some really strong mothers in the Nollywood industry.

We are not celebrating them just because they are mothers but because they are mothers who also play the role of a father.

Surprisingly, the Nollywood industry has quite a number of single mothers who are playing the roles of mother and father and doing an excellent job of it.

These women have beautiful and strong children to show for their struggles.

Some of them were once in abusive marriages while some came from relationships that just didn’t work out.

Marriage or relationship, these are mothers who can proudly show off their offsprings today.

Iyabo ojo

Toping the list is Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo, a mother of two teenage children Festus and Priscilla Ojo. Iyabo is super proud of her achievements as a mother and she never stops showing us the reward for her struggles and labour: her two children FesPris. She even named her enterprise after her children

Biodun Okeowo. The actress was once in an abusive relationship that left her with the status of a single parent. Omobutty as she is fondly called is a proud mother of two children. The actress might have had rough times in the beginning, but today she has her children to give her some solace.

Biodun Okeowo
Biodun okeowo

Lizzy Anjorin: the actress and business woman is a single mother of a going lady of about 18. The actress recently told the story of how she was impregnated and neglected while growing up and trying to make ends meet.

Lizzy Anjorin

Reginald Chukwu is probably one actress whose status as a mother came as a shock. A lot of her fans never knew she had children of her height!

Regina Chukwu

Kudos to all these super moms who proudly show off their kids and to those who still protect them by hiding their faces.