When you hear the name ‘Mercy Aigbe’, what comes to mind: Movies or Fashion?

Mercy Aigbe

When you hear the name Mercy Aigbe, what comes to your mind; the actress, the business woman or the fashion diva? It wouldn’t come as a surprise, if more than these three things come to your mind.

As a matter of fact, Mercy is all these and much more. She is also a wife (well, open for debate…) and a mother not forgetting her role as a daughter and as a sister too.

However, the name became a brand after her dive into the acting world. Hence, we would like to focus more on the actress in Mercy and the fashionista that evolved from the actress.

The signature of Mercy is unarguably fashion, the actress who is also the CEO of a fashion outlet oozes class and style so much that she has become one of the most stylish actors in the industry.

Many times she has been nominated for fashion awards and only few times did she come home without the plaque. That is how much style she has.

It came as a surprise when we gathered that the actress styles herself most of the time. For all the red carpet moments that had us gaping, she gave herself those looks.

Her sense of style and her breathtaking looks have really overshadowed her acting skills, we seldom see her as an actress anymore, all we expect from her is to slay and slay and slay!

Many of her die hard fans might not even be able to name a movie she’s acted in, but they will fight tooth and nail if the mother of two is slighted anyway when it comes to fashion or style.

As for me, when I hear ‘Mercy Aigbe’ I think of Fashion, on fleek make up, clear skin and flawless selfies! What about YOU?

Mercy Aigbe
Mercy Aigbe
Mercy Aigbe