See what these four Nollywood stars have in common!

Eniola, FunkE,Mercy,Bimbo

Whitenicious cream by Dencia can boast of many celebs as clients, even Bobrisky can point at a few stars who have patronized his bleaching mix but those clients will never include these names we are about to roll out.

The act of bleaching or toning or skin peeling has risen so much in this last decade that there are hardly any more dark ladies in the industry. Even the men are spotting lighter skins.

The reason for the rise has been blamed on inferiority complex and low esteem. Well, whatever the reasons are, there are still some dark, chocolate and caramel skin ladies in the industry who do not understand the language of bleaching.

Mercy Johnson. Dark skinned Mercy Johnson has decided to remain dark and shiny for the rest of her life. Instead of peeling off her skin, the actress has found a way to make her dark skin glowing and creamy with an even dark tone. Of course she has heard of  whitening creams, but hey, she’d rather glow with the pride of an African woman.

Funke Akindele- If there was one woman we expected her inner skin to make an appearance at the arrival of fame, it would be Jenifa, but she’s enjoying her brown skin and putting all wrong assumptions to shame.

Bimbo Akintola – not so dark, it would have been easy for her to bleach and excuse it as ‘toning’ the actress however is still enjoying her beautiful melanin skin, showing all bleachers what they are missing.

Eniola Badmus– a lot of critics have concluded that bleaching is more common with the Yoruba stars, well, these ones are not going to be named in the statistics of bleachers! Dark girls rock and Eniola Badmus is absolutely rocking with them.

There are many others, but we are sticking with these four beautiful successful actresses who are still beautiful in their dark skin.