Three superstar mothers who have strengthened our faith in marriage!


Marriage: the thought alone sends chills down the spine of many celebrities; they are so scared of the institution called marriage that even celibacy sounds better to them. Who can blame them?

The idea of marriage has become so unappealing even to non celebs due to the rate of break ups in celebrity marriages in the country.
Countless times, we have celebrated failed marriages ironically and by doing so, we plant the fear in the hearts of those who still have little faith in the idea of marriage.

Well, all hope is not lost; if these people can stay in marriage, then marriage is not a lost case after all.

Mercy Johnson and husband

Mercy Johnson Okojie: One celebrity that will never cease to amaze me is Mercy Johnson Okojie! A woman who is strong, who is determined, who is focused and who is wilful.

Apparently, Mercy Johnson had schooled herself vastly before entering the institution of marriage. I am so sure she told herself before tying the knot that there would be no looking back… whoever said marriage is easy has a warped definition of ‘easy’, Mercy has refused to be daunted or moved by hear says.

The actress shocked everyone when she had her children in quick successions and even promised to shock us with more kids. Now that is one woman to see and seek advice from. If she can do it, then marriage is not a lost course. We admire her will, her courage and her resilience. Hers is a home to admire. No one is disputing the fact that there would be ups and there would be downs, but this family has refused to be drowned in the challenges of matrimony. We give a big applause to Mercy Johnson Okojie for holding her home as sweetly as she interprets her roles.

The Ekehindes

Omotola Jalade Ekehinde- Two decades down, forever to go; how Madam Ekehinde does it is still a miracle. We have dissected it, we have asked google, we have even consulted her but her responses don’t even sound like the answer.

A veteran in her own right, an ambassador of many brands, mother of four grown children, Omotola Jalade has been able to do what many ladies in the entertainment industry could not do. Sometimes we think she is a superhuman, sometimes we even forget her age and think she is from the past; that is how much this woman has surprised all.

Her marriage to Captain E Ekehinde has withstood tests, storms and prying pens! Let’s not forget that this diva was just a young teenager when she married her man, yet she is still standing happily with her family… we can’t help but throw Omotola a big salute while we secretly wish we had her magic wand.

Omotola and hubby

Omawunmi: If you are in one corner, waiting for singer Omawunmi’s marriage to crash, I am honored to tell you to keep waiting… that is one woman whose strength surpasses the crisis of matrimony.

Talk of someone who goes for what she wants relentlessly until she has it? Talk of a woman who wants a family so much that she would do anything to keep it? That woman is singer and actress, Omawumi.

When this fierce singer had her first child out of wedlock, people were fast to castigate her for what they felt was a mistake. Well, Omawunmi waited for the man of her dreams and even when we thought it wouldn’t happen, the singer married her love, the father of her child!

Just weeks ago she completed all the Marit rites and officially became Mrs Y!  If there was one thing we learnt, it is that people like Omawunmi don’t toy with what they toiled hard for! Yes, that is how we know that marriage has come to stay.

Omawumi and Hubby

So for those who keep saying celebs can’t hold their homes, these ones are holding theirs, storms and all.