Actress Susan Peters replies Make Up Artiste who publicly embarrassed her!

Susan Peters

Nollywood actress Susan Peters yesterday faced the wrath of an angry and vengeful Lagos based Make up artiste.

The MUA who alleged that Susan Peters refused to pay for her services called her out in a very harsh manner and gave her the ultimatum of 24 hours to pay or face stiffer actions.

In reaction, Susan Peters had called the artiste a cheap attention seeker who needed cheap publicity. Although she gave no details of what really transpired, she however mentioned that those who know her can testify that she has a large heart and she is also a no-nonsense person.

Those who embarrassed you in public shall definitely get their own pound of flesh” she said, adding that the Law of Karma never lies. 

“I leave you in God’s hands” she concluded. We however cannot say if the issue had been sorted amicably as far as ‘money’ is concerned.