Funke Akindele Bello: The Icon, the star and a woman of virtue!


Have you met Funke Akindele Bello? What do you think of her? Was your first encounter with her cool or not so cool?

Whether cool or not cool, one thing remains, and it is the fact that Funke Akindele is a woman of virtue.
A brilliant actress, a goal-setter, goal getter, a woman of faith and a hard worker!
A trained Lawyer who has branded herself in the industry as a force to be reckoned with.

The multiple award winning role interpreter depicts even the silliest of roles so well that sometimes, she steals the show from the lead characters in the end.
She doesn’t come across to me as a funny person, but somehow, she has become a comic character; not just with her popular JENIFA role but with several other roles in scores of movies.
With every gesture, you see a comedian of sort…the left hand gestures, the twist of lips and the baring of teeth, not to forget the way her eyes role when she drives home point to her colleagues on set.

No doubt, Funke is talented and brilliant too, we are yet to see the rumored aloof personality show in her role deliveries (yes, we’ve heard that a temper lies beneath…we have not seen.)

Asides been a brilliant actress, she is one of the few disciplined women we have in the industry, with almost zero controversy.
Not to forget that Funke Akindele Bello is one woman who rose faster than she fell. Her first marriage crashed so suddenly that many feared that the actress might not be able to rise again as far as matrimony was concerned.

Funke shocked everyone when she re-entered matrimony with a new vigor by marrying artiste JJC, an indication that she is indeed a strong woman who is never daunted by past failures or disappointments.

Wonders upon miracles, Funke hasn’t even bleached her skin! Isn’t that rare!
Kudos to Funke Akindele Bello. We really can’t help but love and respect this great woman of virtue whose faith has strengthened our faith, whose success has doubled our hustles!