Regina Chukwu tells the story of how her daughter was snatched away after her husband’s death!

Regina Chukwu

Nollywood actress Regina Chukwu in celebration of her daughter’s seventeenth Birthday has told an emotional story of how her first child Rachael was snatched away from her at the age of 3 shortly after her husband’s death many years ago.

According to Regina in her emotional story, she was forced to live away from her daughter for almost three years and this was blamed on tradition.

In her reports, as soon as her husband died, she was made to go through some traditional processes as part of the burial rites and at the end, she was told she could not leave with the kids.

They left my son because I was still nursing him… I cried, I begged, I ran after the car and rolled on the floor but couldn’t catch up” she wrote, promising to tell her full story in a movie soon.