Why we love Mercy Johnson Okojie!


It is easy to be a star, easy to be a success, easy to be a celebrity, but somehow, remaining relevant in the status of success is not an easy task! Even stars fall…

More difficult is being a star, being a mother, a wife and remaining a success in all of these statuses!

Mercy Johnson Okojie has however proved that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible if you put your heart to it.

A Nollywood actor of repute, not just by name but by talent… Mercy is one of those actors who fall easily into any given role.

The very successful actress has a massive fanbase because of her dexterity and skill as an actor.

Married to Prince Odi Okojie, Mercy Johnson is one of the few Nollywood wives who have given us hopes that marriage is not a death trap after all as some have made us to believe.

With three gorgeous kids, Mercy Johnson leaves us wondering how she manages to keep the home, the career, the endorsements and even a political office working without failing in any.

If there is one woman we should crush on all day, every day, that woman is Mercy! Even her husband cannot stop gushing about the virtues of his wife.

Those who know her have confirmed that she is full of grace, loving, forgiving, friendly and more… Little wonder there’s hardly any controversy or scandal linked to her name.

She steers clear of social media scandals!

Her fans love her, many crush on her… she deserves it for she is a great woman of virtue!