“I am not your mate” – Juliet Ibrahim to Nkechi Blessing


Actors Nkechi Blessing and Juliet Ibrahim have dragged each other mercilessly on the social media following the earlier incidence of today. 

Nkechi Blessing had called Juliet Ibrahim an idiot for daring to drop an opinion about her profession. 

Reacting to the insult, Juliet Ibrahim had fired back at Nkechi, storming her page to call her an upcoming actor.

According to Juliet, she has been in the industry for 13 years but has never stumbled on any of Nkechi’s works. ‘You probably learnt acting in the bedroom”

It got messier when she called Nkechi a Wannabe and an illiterate… Nkechi was also quick to call Juliet an old cargo and also punch her where it hurts dragging Icebergslim into the matter.

“It’s obvious you are sad, bitter and very unhappy… I am not to be blamed for your misfortune…moment you decided to flaunt a boy old enough to be your son on the social media, I knew you have lost it” Nkechi wrote.

Continue below to  see the exchange!