‘Good Sex Makes You Come Alive’- Nollywood Actress, Dayo Amusa Declares


Award-winning actress and singer Dayo Amusa opened up about her sex life, declaring that good sex makes you come alive and boost your confidence. The talented actress also disclosed that she will be getting married soon…


So, are you married?
No I’m not married. I believe marriage is blessed by God and should be honoured by man but then it is not something one should rush into. It is not a shopping mall where you can just go into and buy or do some window shopping and leave when you are tired. Marriage should be done right. Don’t worry, you will hear a wedding bell soon.

You recently stirred up a debate about sex on social media, what were you trying to teach with your post?
I just wrote all I understand about sex in that Instagram post. I wrote that sex is good and unique. If you are lucky to have very good sex you will come alive. It boosts confidence of a woman because she will be happy and smile from within.

How often do you have sex then?
I wouldn’t talk about that, lips sealed.

What is your take on feminism and will you identity yourself as one?
I support feminism but not to the extreme.I won’t identify as a feminist 100 percent.


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