Mercy Aigbe responds to Rumours about a Governor Buying her a House


Nollywood actress and fashion entrepreneur Mercy Aigbe has responded to rumours making the rounds about her new house which she announced earlier this year.

The report had alleged that a sitting governor who it claimed she has a sexual relationship with bought her the house.

In a post on Instagram, Aigbe debunked the rumours. “No one saw all my late night shoots…. Almost 15 years as an Actor, I buy a house, they see it as a big deal!” she wrote.

She wrote:

No one saw all my late night shoots! Shooting almost 24hrs, No one saw my being on set back to back!!!!…..No one saw all those times I carry Goods on my head in London, LA, New York, Turkey, Vietnam and all……..
No one sees my endorsements and influencing deals……
Almost 15years as an Actor, I buy a house, they see it as a big deal! They try to tag every wealthy man they know to my Sucess because they just can’t comprehend how and why a woman should be successful ……
Y’all wait till I open my Complex, then maybe y’all will kuku take poison untop my matter 😂😂😂
I am just getting started 💪👊
Abeg that miracle that will leave people in awe, confusion to the extent that they will start insinuating and speculating all sorts…. just cos they can’t fathom what the lord has done for you, may the lord grant it unto you IJN!.


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