Woman Crush Wednesday : Actress Patience Ozokwo


Nollywood veteran Patience Ozokwo is a bundle of many things, talent is one of them, virtue is another; the mother-in-law everyone is scared to have on TV but the best off TV according to many reports.

Actress Patience Ozokwo has a long unblemished history in the movie industry, a history untainted with rumours, scandals, controversies or secrets.

Despite her many ‘devious’ roles which has made people believe the worst of her, Patience Ozokwo is the direct opposite of these roles and is actually an embodiment of love, humour and virtue.

A woman of God, a grandmother to sixteen lovely children, a mother to many, a role model and a talented thespian, Patience Ozokwo has paid her dues over and over again.

Little wonder, the recent tides are in her favour as endorsement after endorsement keep flowing in.

Asides being a dexterous actress, Patience Ozokwor is a gospel musician and a fashion designer. Ozokwor was among the 100 Nigerians honoured by the government to celebrate the amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorates in 2014.

Since loosing her husband about eighteen years ago, Mama G as she is called has embraced life peacefully, nurturing her eight children. The actress has three biological children and five adopted ones who all bear her name. She has also played mother to almost every actor in the industry.

The supposedly most-wicked woman in Nollywood is a Born-Again Christian. In interviews, this star is always quick to point out God as the pillar of her success and how she couldn’t have achieved anything were it not for God.

On screen and off, Patience Ozokwo aka Mama G is loved by all her colleagues, we love her too and today, we crush on this great woman of virtue and we celebrate her!