Actress Nkechi Blessing’s Bombshell, “I Don’t Wear Panties, Ask Around”


The Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday who believes her indisputably heavy bum endowed is her pricelesz possession is at it again.

The well endowed actress who once revealed that having people staring at her backside makes her so comfortable just posted a picture showcasing her big bum which got some fans raising eyebrows.

One of her followers after viewing the displayed buttocks probed the actress on why she had to put on a big pant but the actress responded saying she doesn’t wear pants.

And as if that was not enough, the light skinned actress who once declared on social media
that most actresses including herself feed on neither hard work nor talent, but, other things to make ends meet as what they do to survive is best known to them openly directed the follower to ask around. “I don’t wear panties, ask around” she wrote

Well not surprise, this only goes a long way to justify her rant on actresses depending on other avenues to pay their bills, as no matter how much work they put in or their skills in acting may not be able to sustain them financially.