IK Ogbonna Unveils First Child and Trouble Begins!


Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna has unveiled his first child, a daughter he had before his marriage to Sonia Ogbonna.

IK Ogbonna unveiled the girl Makayla Ogbonna as she celebrates her birthday.

Makayla who turns seven today is her father’s carbon copy. The revelation that IK Ogbonna had a child before Sonia’s song is coming as a big one to many who had no idea.

Some are even speculating that his wife probably had no idea and this was the reason for the much rumoured marital crisis.

Ik confesses his love for Makayla as he shares lovely photos of the young girl.

Trouble has however started since IK posted the photos as his baby mama also Sonia has lashed out at him angrily accusing him of reaping where he did not sow.

The angry mother blasts IK and warns him against claiming her daughter as his,  tagging him a gigolo and bisexual.

According to her, her daughter has a father and that is her husband. This has not stopped IK from posting more photos.