“I sleep with girls in guest houses not my home” – Actor Don Little reveals


Ghanaian Nollywood actor, Don Little, also known as ‘Ghanaian Aki ’ by Nigerians, has said that he gets so many proposals from ladies almost every day.

In an interview on the Delay Show, the actor said no day passes without ladies sending him messages through his social media pages.

He also added that other courageous ones take his contacts and calling him personally to propose.

When he was asked how he is handling the ladies since he became a star, he told the host of the show, Delay that:

“Ever since I became a star, I have had a lot of ladies come to me; some I get on Instagram, Facebook etc,. Others also get my contact and they come to me,”

He also made another shocking revelation that he doesn’t send the ladies who propose to him to his house because he doesn’t want a bad name for himself in his area but rather takes them to a guest house.

“No, I do not do that in my house. You know people talk, so I’m very careful with that. I prefer guest house, I mean there are lots of guest houses around, rates are even cheaper, with 30 cedis or 50 cedis, you will get a nice place,”