Acting Doesn’t Pay My Bills Any More – Actress Biodun Okeowo


Nollywood actress, Biodun Okeowo, popularly known as Omoborty, has said that she finds buying and selling (business) more sustainable than acting.
Okeowo told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that this was because of what she called “huge responsibilities”.

She said that could not meet up her needs through acting, hence, the need for her to go into business.
“I pay more attention to my business than acting.

“Although I love acting and the entertainment industry, money is also important,” she said.
According to her, the money that accrues to most Nollywood practitioners in the industry is not enough to foot their bills, “especially those of us with huge responsibilities”.
“That is the more reason why I do less of movies but focuses more on business that is more profitable.

“My advice for the up-and-coming female and male theatre practitioners is to have legitimate e-businesses and build quality relationships.
“Become a serious-minded businesswoman and expect less from men,” she said.

She said that acting would give you fame, recognition, often more access and, in some cases, very supportive fans.
“But all these are not enough to sustain you financially,” she said.

She also said that she had heard people talk about men assisting women in the industry to become rich.
“But, I wonder how a man can make a woman rich and help sustain her wealth compared to how a legitimate business will achieve that.